Nynne Bojsen Empowerment

You are so much more powerful than you think!

Work with me and I will show you.

You are a woman, properly a mother, and you want to have an abundant life. You are strong, sensitive, intelligent, warmhearted and interested in spirituality.

You have had your fights through life. It has not always been easy.
But you are also grateful for your life because you know that it has made you who you are today. Stronger than before. 

And still, there are areas that are not fully the way you wish.

You still have trouble with something from your past, your relationship is not the best, you are worried about your child or you can not figure out how to move forward in your business.

You need a person who understands you and what you have been through. Someone who sees who you really are and help you ignite that inner power. Because deep down you know you can handle what is troubling you. You just need someone to show you the way.

I think you deserve it all

Personal Empowerment @nynneempowerment

Are you stuck in old limiting beliefs? Can you feel you do not live your full potential? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, trauma, or other imbalances?
As a psychotherapist and spiritual medium, I can help you ignite your true power and show you how to use it to overcome any struggle in your life!

Businesscoaching @nynneempowerment


Everyone needs to love and be loved. But not everyone experiences love in their relationship.
If you feel there could be more love in your relationship I would love to help you.
Being a couples counselor for years I have helped couples with unfaithfulness, lack of communication, lack of intimacy, and other caracteristics of a difficult relationship 

Children Counseling @nynneempowerment

No mother can stay unaffected when her child is experiencing difficulties. One of my specialties is to help parents understand what is happening with their children and guide them in how they can help.
If your child is experiencing difficulties like anxiety, sensitivity, anger, depression, lack of self-worth, or other symptoms of unbalance I can help.    




I have a rare ability to see people's souls.

I can see and feel your true capacity and what is holding you back from thriving.

When you work with me I help you ignite your true power within. I help you get clarity about your capacities and guide you to use them. Then you can overcome everything!

Whether you are a child, a parent, a business owner, or "just" a human do you deserve to thrive!

Let me help you get a funny, easy and abundant life!

Nynne Bojsen @nynneempowerment

I am a spirituality-driven psychotherapist who changes people's lives by helping them feel and ignite their inner power, so they can overcome their struggles and break FREE.


Become 100% YOU

Work with me and become a more powerful version of yourself. Learn to identify what is holding you back from living the life you want and get gentle and precise guidance on how to overcome whats is blocking you.

I will hold your hand, guide you gently, teach you how to ignite your power, and help you how to use it.

You deserve to thrive. We all do. Do not let old limiting and hurtful stories of your life affect you anymore.

Work with me and unfold your wings.

It's time to fly!

Listen to the customers

Nynne Boisen is a Master Healer, Medium & Soul Mentor. She has an outstanding record for healing children, even “difficult cases”. She is known for her extraordinary ability to convey even complex existential information in such a manner that even homeless, alcoholics and other “lost souls” wake up to Truth. Many consider her an Angel on Earth, not least all the children who don´t feel understood by the adults, but feel seen, heard, read and understood by Nynne.

Kirsten Stendevad

Nynne is the most intuitive guide you will ever meet. She is in touch with the natural world. Nynne has a way of explaining how things fit together in this world and how it’s connected to the next. She works in a way that crosses all borders and boundaries. If you want a guide in your journey to be the most productive, freer version of yourself her work (programs) are for you. Whether you have a business project, want to have more ease in your life or revolve something plaguing, nagging or pulling at you, I really recommend taking the time to look at her offerings and see how you can take advantage of her vast knowledge, credentials and unique approach. Work with her in some format and wait and see what happens! Wow! Great things for sure. She can and WILL help you expand your horizons.

Valerie Volinski

You are intelligent and empathic. This also helps to explore paths that one possibly would not explore if one were totally alone. I find conversations with you comforting and helpful and I leave the meetings with a good feeling. I feel like a clockwork without oil, and you provide some lubricant at the right points. And then the clock starts working again. At least for a while. You don't change the clock, but you understand some of its working principles. And in principle, that clock is alright. It just needs regular attention.


You helped me more than you can imagine. Your therapy made me realize who I am and how powerful I can be.
Thank you from the deepest in my heart

Anne Jensen

Nynne Bojsen @nynneempowerment

Let's connect!

Speak from your heart. 

And I'll do my best to help you.


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In February 2021 I was interviewed by my good friend Dr. Lotte Valentine on her podcast Science with Soul.

See the video on Youtube or listen to it on Spotify