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Help for you and your child

Children Counseling @nynneempowerment


Understanding what is going on and how to help

Does your child have trouble sleeping?

Does your child become too angry, too sad, or too afraid?
Is your child sensitive, aggressive, abusive?
Have you tried everything and still things are out of balance?

I can help!

Many years as a family counselor, psychotherapist, trauma therapist and schoolteacher have given me the knowledge and tools to help children, teenagers and families get back to balance.

It is most important to help you as a parent first.

Once you become aware of what’s going on with your child, you’ll be able to gain the knowledge and tools to help.

Having a session with you alone or both parents is the first step to helping your child.

If I consider it necessary and useful to talk with your child as well, second step could be a session with her / him. 

As a parent it is not always easy to help your child.

Often your child do not know why she/he is struggeling and 

often children don’t like to express all of their feelings as they don’t want to hurt or bother you.

That is why using a family counselor can be very helpful.

Let me help you and your child feel balanced.

This I can do for you:

  • Clarify and explain what is blocking your child from thriving
  • Help her/him back in balance (or recommend what kind of help is needed)
  • Guide you as a parent on how to support your child
  • Facilitate constructive conversations between you and your child

We all need to THRIVE And especially children!


60 min.

195 €


5 x 60 min.

925 €



You have been the best coach for me. Before I was so stressed, now I can manage to be in high school again. Thank you! 

Frederikke, age 19


Your counseling has given us new perspectives on our family. We now know how to avoid conflicts and focus on the positive aspects. 

Lone and Jesper, parents


I think you are an angel. You have helped me believe in myself and you have helped me and my mother so we can talk more calmly to each other. 

Felix, age 9