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Business coaching @nynneempowerment


If you struggle, so does your business.
So let's help you both thrive!

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or stressed?

Are you not clear about what your message is?

Do you want to be more visible online? 

Or perhaps you just want to make some more money?

I have been a solopreneur for years now.

I know what it means to be confused, overwhelmed, stuck, anxious about my finances and other totally out-of-balance feelings.

And that sucks!

One thing I learned that helped me: SEEK HELP!

Why not borrow someone else's 10000 hours, knowledge and capacities?

Why not ask someone for help so you can focus on you unique calling?

Let me be the person that helps you make the world a better place for all of us!

This I can do for you:

  • Help you get clarity about who you are
  • Help you formulate your unique message
  • Help you organize your day
  • Help you strengthen your visibility online
  • Help you get more clients
  • Help you structure your finances

The only thing it takes is that you ask me and that you commit to investing in yourself and your business.

Did you know that the DIVINE is waiting for you to step into your power and make a DIFFERENCE in the world?

Let's not make her wait too long!


60 minutes

350 €
(incl. vat)


5 x 60 minutes

1600 €
(Incl. vat)